Friday, December 21, 2007

Problem accessing Gmail using Nokia 6320i or any S40 v2,v3 phone

...well, not any more!

Nokia's S40 v2 and v3 phones dont have a way to specify a proxy for an 'Access Point' configuration that you make. This means that your gmail midlet, email and other programs cant use the access point that you create for your GPRS connection.

The trick is to send to 'send' (just like your ISP does) your phone a wbxml provisioning script to allow JAVA apps to use a proxy for Series 40 v2 and v3 phones. All credit to the kool kat Mr RaviDavi from Austin, TX, USA for creating and sharing with these configurations with us. The configurations can be found here.

You'll need to get your required configuration onto your phone now. Bluetooth Object Push doesn't work on some phones.

If it doesn't, just head over to nowsms and download their sms gateway.

  • Install it,
  • connect your phone to your PC/Laptop where the software is installed. You can use a USB data cable or bluetooth
  • set up your phone as a modem on the PC/laptop,
  • start the nowsms gateway,
  • select your phone modem as the smsc gateway, click Test, you're almost there if it works,
  • start the smsc and mmsc services,
  • open the nowsms web application,
  • click on Send XML
  • paste the correct .wml file (from the above zip file) contents into the big text box,
  • Type a OTA pin, eg 1234
  • Dont select Network Pin - select the other one,
  • type your mobile phone number into the address box,
  • hit submit.

You should now receive the settings on your mobile phone.
Activate that configuration and your worries are over.

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